Outreach in the Park

Day 8: Friday, November 20, 2015 Sharing Jesus with children is always one of the top goals of our church plant teams. By reaching out to children, we can get whole families involved in the life of the church, and be able to share Jesus with them. So the 40/40s planned an event to focus […]

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Construction and Grace

Days 4, 5, and 7: November 16, 17, and 19 Each day we got up between 6:30 and 7:00 AM for breakfast and then had prayer at 8:00 (except for Tuesday when we had 4:00 AM prayer). We left for the worksite around 9:00, which was about a half mile walk up hill. We geared […]

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Sending The Boats

Worship comes quick and easy in this crowd of like-minded people. Settling into God’s presence and uniting around something to which He’s called us brings us into a special space. As another team finished up their first phase of training, they were given these words to reflect upon, “This has been the easiest part.” Brian […]

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Wallbuilding in Quichinche

We are wall builders, and sanctuary painters, shovelers, wheel barrrow operators and sandwich makers, tool keepers, floor moppers and candy distributors, pray-ers, share-ers, and friend-makers. We continued our work. The church in Quichinche asked us to build a wall to improve their building’s security and refresh the sanctuary and the outdoor entrance. We filled the church with […]

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Church in Ecuador

Morning devotions started off this day in English, led by Mark Miller, who is the Construction Coordinator – and is very special to us because he came from our church and Sunday School class with several of our group from Indiana. Mark has been serving with Extreme Nazarene for —–years and commented how he had […]

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A Day of Divine Appointments

Just what was going to happen on the mission trip was an unknown to most of us. Just what God had planned was even better that we could have put on the planning schedule. Our morning began with a “scheduled  event ”  that made an unexpected  tremendous impact us toward building discipleship for ourselves and  for others […]

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Day of Prayer: II

So as day two is coming to a close, I am drawn to an amazing revolution… We have started as a group of strangers that were searching for each other in the Georgia airport (which, by the way, is HUGE AND FULL of people looking for other people). After just 2 devotional services, being joined […]

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Day of Prayer

More than building and painting, the real purpose for being here is relationship: relating and loving – and today we fell in love with the people. And, our hearts were broken with the love and compassion of “Senor Jesus” (Lord Jesus). As we drove through and walked about, we fell in love with the people, […]

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