Day of Prayer

More than building and painting, the real purpose for being here is relationship: relating and loving – and today we fell in love with the people. And, our hearts were broken with the love and compassion of “Senor Jesus” (Lord Jesus).

As we drove through and walked about, we fell in love with the people, seeing them with Jesus’ eyes.

We began at an overlook of the city, reminding us of how Jesus wept over Jerusalem and prayed over his city and the precious people within. As the light rain came down on us, our prayers and blessings went across the valley of people.

For the church to go forth and multiple disciples
For the leaders God has raised and is raising to have boldness and power
For the families,the men, the women and the children to know the Lord personally
To be unbound from witchcraft and other chains that bind us
For the city of Ibarra to know the Lord’s love and mercy through Iglesia Nazareno Puerta Abierta

We continued to walk through the city and pray…

At the Government Buildings: That the permits and paperwork will be cleared readily so that the church can begin building.

At the Bank, acknowledging that the finances are in God’s hands
For the church’s bookkeeper and the responsibilities she is taking on
To have a strong financial footing to grow the church and create evangelical events to share the love of Christ

At the houses of Prayer, for the people and families of the church

At the Mall, that the people who are enslaved to debt would come to Christ and know that the Lord will meet their needs

At the Market, We stood against the stronghold of Satan and prayed for others to have the power to do the same
That their eyes will be open to see that they can be unbound by idols, commercialism, and debt

Over the grounds of the new church:
That it be known in eternity for its discipleship and evangelization
Unwillingness to cave to the world’s standards
The church would be growing in the Word
Be filled and growing new churches
A place of passion, a House of Prayer
Have a special connection with God

And, that all would know our compassion, joy and love that only comes from the “el Senor Jesus” (Lord Jesus)

Written by Rosemary Kelber


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