Church in Ecuador

Morning devotions started off this day in English, led by Mark Miller, who is the Construction Coordinator – and is very special to us because he came from our church and Sunday School class with several of our group from Indiana. Mark has been serving with Extreme Nazarene for —–years and commented how he had been looking forward to singing with a group to the Lord in English.

Even as we  gathered in a warm, humid greenhouse/pool area out of our home countries, we were reminded “God is here.” Different cultures, One body (I Cor. 12:13)

Then the event we had been anticipating for our time here in Ibarra – worshipping with the people of Puerta Abierta. We learned that 3 people accepted Christ at the park event yesterday and 5 families from the park outreach were at the service today.

Pastor Mayta  exhorted us to transform  the city by planting God’s word, by our faith, in our hearts, in our families, in our work. Even though we sang along in several songs,  I was so touched to sing: “Santo, Santo, Santo” – “Holy, Holy, Holy” in their heart language.

Our journey has entered a different phase. After having adjustment, fellowship, outreach, and introspection in Ibarra, it is now time to put our hands and feet to work as we moved on to Otavala, where we start our first construction project tomorrow.


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