Ambato Build Project: October 2014

We are very excited to host our third (of fourth) short-term teams here in Ambato.  We have 43 people ages 4-76 from 3 states (ID, NE, NY) coming to help in the construction of the church building and also to do some evangelism/impact events.  We are very excited to have them here and to see how God works in and through them.  Mark Miller and Sarah Ross are also here as Extreme Long-Term Staff to assist with the project (Mark to oversee the construction site and process and Sarah to take care of the short-term missionaries who are on the job site.  Chris Stringer will be Sarah’s counterpart in the impact realm, and Anndee will be managing communications.

The basic schedule looks like this:

  • Thursday 9th – Late night arrival in Quito, bus to Ambato
  • Friday 10th – Morning to Rest, Orientation, Prayer Adventure
  • Saturday 11th – Morning Prayer, Construction Day 1, Martial Arts event in a park, Youth Service
  • Sunday 12th – Morning Prayer, Church at La Puerta Abierta, 1/2 day of Construction (Construction Day 2), and an evangelism event in a park
  • Monday 13th – Morning Prayer, Construction Day 3, church work day in the current building, carnival outreach event in front of the church,
  • Tuesday 14th – 4am to 6am Prayer, Construction Day 4, “How Can I Pray for You?” outreach event at two markets, bus terminal, hospital
  • Wednesday 15th – free day
  • Thursday 16th – Morning Prayer, Construction Day 5, evangelistic film showing in the evening
  • Friday 17th – Morning Prayer, Construction Day 6, preparation day for events on Saturday
  • Saturday 18th – Morning Prayer, Construction Day 7, children’s/family event in a park in the afternoon, women’s and men’s outreach events in the evening
  • Sunday 19th – Morning Prayer, Church at La Puerta Abierta, afternoon off, time of worship and prayer in the evening.
  • Monday 20th – Day Off Trip to Banos
  • Tuesday 21st – 4am to 6am Prayer, debrief/processing time, closing banquet, travel to Quito, fly out near midnight.

One thought on “Ambato Build Project: October 2014

  1. Soo excited for you all. I live in Omaha, Ne. and wonder who among you is from Nebraska.
    Will continue to pray for your efforts and safety…

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