40 Days FAQ’s

How much does the 40 Days Experience cost?
The cost for one person is $2190, not including the cost of travel. This amount covers transport after arrival to the field, food and housing, and costs for the classes and materials. We encourage that you bring $400-600 extra for extracurricular activities you might want to do and for souvenirs and extra food.

Do I have to be Nazarene to come?

Who can come to a 40 Days Experience?
Single young adults ages 18-28

When is the 40 days Experience?
All 40 Days Experiences take place during the summer (May-August). This year the dates of the 40 Days Experience are from June 29th – August 9th.

Where does the 40 days Experience take place?
The 40 Days Experience takes place in Ambato, Ecuador

Will I need a Visa?
You will get a tourist visa on arrival

Do I need a passport?

Do I need insurance?
Insurance through Nazarene Global Mission is required and included in the package price

Do I need immunizations?
Yes, check with your doctor and the CDC recommendations for travel to Ecuador

Is there an application fee?
Yes, there is a $100 nonrefundable, nontransferable application fee

Is there an application deadline?
Yes. The deadline for this years 40 Days Experience is May 5, 2014


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