Donate a Smartphone


letter_t_w001echnology has made us more connected now than any time before in history, so we’ve got to take advantage of that. We’ve developed an app for our missionaries on the field that not only organizes their work load and contact specs, but also keeps them better connected with our followers and readers. That means more stories about lives being changed from the mission field! That also means we need smartphones to put in the hands of our missionaries to use this app.

If you have a smartphone that you would like to donate fill out this form.
We will contact you shortly with more details on how to make your donation.

The App

In our experience, planting a church means juggling a lot of logistics. One of the challenging pieces of logistics is the collection of people’s names and addresses and then tracking where those people are in the process of discipleship. Before, it involved data entry after a long day of work, now with the app our missionaries can keep their content updated instantly. That also means we can push real-time updates to our readers so the mission field can feel closer to home.

This is what our missionaries can do with the app:

  • store church plant contacts
  • log progress of discipleship with contacts
  • enter special moments that happen in their contact’s lives
  • store and share photos assigned under each of their contacts
  • share information with headquarters seamlessly for real-time news updates

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